Project Gorgon explains why its appeal isn’t merely nostalgia-related


Project Gorgon, the scrappy indie MMO that recently went into Steam early access, hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit to talk about the game yesterday. Gorgon is a somewhat popular subject on MMO boards, and the AMA garnered a lot of questions and responses.

The devs said that they had not posted a roadmap for the fantasy MMO because “we don’t really work that way,” but they did tease major projects including “several new areas, a new animation system, horse mounts, playable fae race, a new dungeon, and (starting soon) player housing.”

There was also an explanation of how Gorgon veers off from the mainstream MMO design and appeals to players looking for that classic MMO feel: “Project Gorgon was designed around the idea of letting you explore deep game systems. The game’s complexity opens up like an onion — and it’s not pointless complexity, because that’s dumb. There’s real complexity that models interesting things, to let you create interesting custom combat builds, or solve problems in interesting ways. You have to learn how to play, but doing so is really rewarding.”

There were more details on what will persist through release: “There will not be a complete wipe at launch, but we will be wiping some aspects of your characters including but not limited to: items, currency, NPC favor levels, and favor-quests. That said, we don’t plan on wiping most skill levels.”

And just in case you were worried: “We are adamantly opposed to any pay-to-win elements, and you won’t see them in Project Gorgon.”

Want to read a deep-dive into the game from an old-school MMORPG player? We published Impressions of Project Gorgon from an Asheron’s Call player this morning.

Source: Reddit
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