Sea of Thieves ends sky ships, teases new cosmetics and customization

Smell bads.

Sea of Thieves set sail with a brand-new patch this morning with better ammo crate positioning, UI tweaks, and new ship scuttling tips, plus tons of bug fixes, including the demise of “sky ships” – that fun bug where ships floated up to the sky when sinking. Also? No more earworms! “Players will no longer play the same shanty twice in a row.”

Do note that Rare says it’s still aware of bugs with not being able to view your character customization, the grey screen at launch, delayed achievements and commendations (stilL!) and missing DLC.

What’s on the horizon? “There’s rumour that a new shipment of clothing, items, weapons and ship customisations are on the horizon and heading for the Sea of Thieves!” Rare hints. “If you are saving yer coin for a pair of trousers, you might want to keep a weathered eye out for this arriving soon!”


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I’d make a joking comment about “Can’t wait for this game to go live with full content” or “Can’t wait for this to leave beta” but it just seems like low hanging fruit. Just another example of games as a service is not that good of an idea.

Dug From The Earth

sheesh they moving at a bungie pace with these updates and “improvements”


Game’s been out for a month, they’ve already got new content planned for release in May. It’s unrealistic and unreasonable as all heck to believe they’d be able to pull out some miracle patch within the first month of launch.


I guess I should have said improbable instead. It’s pretty clear that Rare was rushing as-is to get the game launched with “just enough” content to call it launch worthy. They’re doing a ‘games as a service’ agile model so I guess that’s considered a justification for the lackluster content and why they’re focusing on bugs first before adding in new stuff. But I agree the game is overpriced, not worth the money, and Rare better be adding a hell of a lot more free content to the game before they start injecting it with microtransactions.