Fractured plans its Kickstarter for June while showing off its pre-alpha

And staying so.

Those looking forward to Fractured will have a chance to put their money where their mouths are in June, because that’s when the game is kicking off its Kickstarter campaign. The game will be aiming for at least $250,000 in funding to add to its $100,000 from investor funding, so we’ll see how well it does once it actually hits the crowdfunding circuit.

But what will you actually be funding? A game or some concept art? You can answer that question by checking out the 17-minute video just below, showing off a sizable chunk of pre-alpha footage and including exploration, combat, and the overall art direction. You can check it out just below; while it’s definitely in the early development stage, you can get a sense of what the overall goal of the game’s design will be even from that. And if you like what you see there, well, just get ready for the hit to your wallet in June.

Source: YouTube, Dynamight Studios press release

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mantis mundi

anybody got any news about the next update? It’s been two months without any update.
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7 People who develop an MMO and start a Kickstarter campaign on June 1st in the hope of being able to expand the team and start developing the stuff …
Sorry but I do not believe it at all. Paying for alpha without content and buggy for years…..
Good luck anyway.



Kinds of looks like a better build of Albion. I’ll watch this one.

Robert Mann

Biggest point of interest is the PvE section there (since they have the PvP free world)… but I kinda want to wait and see what they can manage with it before I toss them $.

Kickstarter Donor
Ville Uusitalo

I dont know but since there is already Albion online and Legends of Aria – as Ultima successors – I feel its going to be a hard push into-the-genre.

Fractured is also made with Unity Engine afaik so nothing new on that front.

I am propably going to wait for Lost Ark from Smilegate and Project TL from NCsoft…. Too bad these two are KR companies when their cash-in-bloot-out-policy ends up murdering our wallets :/