StarCraft II puts two well-known community maps up for sale

Oh. Good.

The StarCraft II map editor offers a lot of power, and there are countless examples of using the basic functions of the editor to make something completely different. For example, there are… well, the two maps being sold to players with the launch of patch 4.3. Both maps run $4.99 to purchase, with a portion of the price going to the map creator and the map going to your collection of maps.

Direct Strike might be more described as a variant of the game’s usual gameplay, as you build units into waves to send out at the opponent’s base in what amounts to a tactical tug-of-war. ARK Star, on the other hand, is an entire tactical turn-based RPG based in the game, including leveling, loot, NPC dialogue trees, and everything else you could expect. You can check out brief trailers for both just below if you’re interested in picking up a StarCraft II map that turns the game into something completely different.


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Colin Henry

This seems too much like the whole paid mods on Steam debacle.
Honestly it’s not a terrible idea–theoretically for-pay mods could attract a higher grade of modder given the promise of compensation for their time and effort (although some mods for StarCraft II are already incredible, including a sort-of-WoW-style-MMO)–but modding communities don’t tend to react well to this sort of thing. And the fact that it comes so late in StarCraft II’s lifecycle sort of sends the message “Well, we’re done making content for this game. You make some for us and we’ll take a share of the profit.”


“so late in StarCraft II’s lifecycle” SC2’s lifecycle is very debatable given the support showed for the original SC and WCIII we can probably say SC2’s is about halfway there maybe without doing the math. Lets not forget its only just gone f2p adding 100k new people to the ladder/multiplayer but these numbers im sure have dropped off by now though. I honestly cant see them making a SC3 when SC2 is still being fine tuned to this day. I think we will just see more dlc and alike being added.

Also thanks Eliot & MOP for shining a light on SC2, much appreciated its my favourite game even if I can barely play it, its a spectacle.

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It may not be a bad idea, but also considering that paid maps has been a thing on Blizzard’s radar since beginning of SC2, and was scrapped for foreseeable reasons similar to what you mentioned. Maybe time has changed and whatever concern Blizzard had is no longer an issue.

One of the critical drawbacks of custom maps is the lack of cloud save or player progress. Lot of maps that would otherwise have great progression schemes were forces to use local saves, which can be unreliable. Another thing is a lack of player quality control, for example, in a game of Mafia where players can freely choose a temporary name for the session can use very vulgar words and spitting crap the entire game, and nothing can be done about that.

It’s still far away where players can make content for the game that lives up to the “blizzard standard”.

Diego Lindenmeyer