Black Desert opens up the Imperial Auction House for all your rare curio purchases

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.
Odds are good that your veteran characters in Black Desert have a lot of silver at this point. But once you’ve spent it on all the things you need, what can you buy? The things you don’t need, obviously. Rare curiosities that no one can find. In short, the wares for sale at the Imperial Auction House, a new feature added with the game’s most recent patch that lets you pick up all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, you’ll have to outbid everyone else to get those curios…

If you’re not really into that sort of bidding war, just hop on and see the list of other changes that have arrived with the patch. Or start in on the Spring Coronet event, with a peach blossom crown to welcome this year’s spring weather. In the real world, obviously; we imagine that spring in the desert parts of the game map will look much like it always does.


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Do you actually get to set your own prices without constraint in the AH yet?

Or freely trade things to other players?


This will never be the case.

The first issue is that the game gives out a lot of wealth just for logging in. For example my alt account I run my guild from has hundreds of millions in silver from free rewards it’s collected over the years just from logging in. I could easily do this with 20-100 accounts and funnel it all back to my main account.

The second issue is that the game is built on limited systems. For example there’s very few grain (wheat, potato, corn, etc) nodes in the game. Running my second account on my second computer I could effectively just stay logged in and let my workers collect multiple nodes across multiple accounts. On my main account it takes 2-3 days of cooking to get another point of Contribution and a fraction of that on an alt account. The same goes for energy and gathering.

The third issue is the game has built in botting basically. There’s a huge number of AFK activities you can do with no interaction. How about process materials on one account and feed to another? How about just AFK fish for unlimited relics?

The fourth issue is unlimited prices on the AH basically means the ability to transfer wealth. You can sort of do this currently but not really effectively or efficiently where it’s worth your time. But if I could just sell a Potato for 1 billion and have an alt account who has AFK fished his way to that much cash then sure I take a 15% cut but that’s still 850m for basically nothing.

The things you’re asking for just create more problems than they add value to the game.


Odds are good that your veteran characters in Black Desert have a lot of silver at this point. But once you’ve spent it on all the things you need, what can you buy?

This is the saying of someone who has never played Black Desert Online or understood it when they did.

The cost to improve gear rises exponentially. As a veteran my next gear upgrade is looking to cost me around 2-3 billion silver at this time. For 2 more AP. My next cheapest upgrade is around 3-5bn (or around 9bn preorders) for 3 more AP. Eventually there’s PEN which is 8 more AP for around 15-25bn. Those numbers are average and I certainly can (and have to plan for ‘will be’) be unlucky.

It is nice, regardless, there’s now a way to get unique looking items in the game such as a Black Pegasus or other various Tournament weapon skins without paying in the cash shop :)


New ISP we got yesterday seems very good. No more packet loss, ping spikes and a solid 30-40 ms ping. We can expect a shift in whining back to “lahn when?” in the days to come.