Blade & Soul’s Eternal Night patch will rebalance weapon material requirements

Blade & Soul’s next big thing, Eternal Night, is launching in less than two weeks on May 9th, and if you’re an economy player or even just occasional weapon upgrader, you should definitely point your eyeballs at what NCsoft is doing to material requirements in its efforts to balance that sector of the game’s economy.

“With the Blade & Soul: Eternal Night update on May 9, certain weapon and accessory stages will have their material requirements adjusted in order to balance around the current rate of material production within the economy. One example being that Moonstones aren’t as prevalent as they once were, therefore the amount of Moonstones required for upgrading legendary PvE weapons and legendary accessories will be lowered, and the other crystal materials will have their quantities adjusted to compensate. The balancing isn’t an overall cost reduction like we’ve done in the past, but instead a change of materials and their amounts to better match the current economy.”

Time to dump your moonstone hoard on people who don’t read patch notes? Ahhh, MMO econ. NCsoft notes that it’s not going into this blind; in fact, this balancing pass has already been tested in non-western regions and has “resulted in a generally smoother upgrading process.”

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