DC Universe Online introduces style unlocking with today’s GU82

Game Update 82 is launching today for DC Universe Online, and thanks to it, players have a new feature to enjoy: style unlocking. While not all styles can be unlocked at the present, the studio said that it will be expanding the system with coming patches.

“We’ve added Style Unlocking as a new feature to DCUO,” Daybreak said. “Similar to Feat Unlocking, players can now use Replay Badges to unlock certain styles, as long as they have earned those styles on other characters on their account.”

It’s a good time to log in and play, too, because there’s a bonus crowns weekend that’s happening right now. From Thursday through Sunday, players can earn bonus Atlantean Crowns in Deluge and spend them on attractive rewards.


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Bruno Brito

“Similar to Feat Unlocking, players can now use Replay Badges…

Of course.

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Richard de Leon III

Whoever does the censoring on the Daybreak forums puts the Flash to shame….