MU Origin patch 2.4 adds new corps and accompanying wars between them

Well all right, then.

Any MU Origin players who want to be stronger are going to need to start fighting other players to do so. But not in small-scale skirmishes, no. The latest update for the game adds in the new corps mechanic, allowing four guilds to combine themselves into one mega-guild known as a corps. And the four best corps will get to compete in weekly corps wars for dominance of various spots of land, which is probably very exciting for those stretches of land. They get to be very important for a bit.

This is also exciting for players, as leveling up through this system allows access to the new Hallow benefits collected through corps wars or territory collection. Collect Hallow, strengthen your character, make use of new tricks like preventing your opponents from using their special stats. You can play the update now on your mobile device of choice, and you can get a feel for what’s involved by checking out the trailer just below.

Source: Webzen press release