Shroud of the Avatar’s 53rd release is here with improved loot and LFG


If you don’t count the day-one patch at launch a month ago, today marks the first major update for Shroud of the Avatar since it fully shed all its beta and early access trappings. Release 53 – yes, they’re still monthly, like clockwork – includes new zone rebuilds, virtue effects, heraldry, plus the loot overhaul.

“We made massive improvements to loot. Player crafted gear sold to merchants will now appear in supply bundles, decorations have been added in multiple places including toadstools on mushroom enemies (how ironic is that?), worn armor can now be found on humanoids, lot deeds and homes now appear in rare supply bundles, and drop rates have been increased for all items in Offline Mode!”

Maybe the most pressing new addition is the looking-for-group code. “A party leader can add their party (aka ‘group’) to a public listing of open groups for others to join,” Portalarium’s patch notes say. “Players who are looking for a group to play with can use this listing to find an open group.”

Do note the Linux support planned for this patch didn’t make it in. Keep your eyes on the horizon; Portalarium says it will be “spending more time on enemy behaviors and repeatable content in the next two releases.” SOTA also has an ongoing free trial for those who want to check it out without shelling out just yet.

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