What to expect from Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming daily reward system

too lorg
There are plenty of juicy new features coming to The Elder Scrolls Online with its next big update other than just the Summerset expansion. For example, there’s the new daily login system, which offers you both smaller and larger rewards. The trick is that the system rewards you with something when you log in, but also with larger cumulative rewards. So if you miss a day, you can often still get the big cumulative rewards (like the new pet added with the update) but you might be out of luck if you miss a whole week.

The patch is also bringing a number of item changes. For example, two-handed weapons will now count as two items for item set bonuses, hopefully making sets easier to build and maintain even with a two-handed sword. Several abilities have also gained new added effects, such as a healing effect added to Ash Cloud and a Block Effectiveness buff added to Bound Armor. Light and Heavy attacks have also been more effectively tied to their roles of dealing damage and refilling resources, respectively. It should make the game’s combat more fun when the patch arrives.

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Aiun Tanks

Ugh. I hate the addition of obligation-penalties to MMOs. The fastest way to make me resent a game is to turn it into a chore.

I mean sure, they may SAY that it’s not a penalty because failing to log in now gets you exactly what failing to log in used to… But that’s not how psychology works and they god damn know it. If you didn’t log in before, you didn’t miss out on something. Now you do. THAT’S how that works.

Stkmks Returns

I made a mistake by getting skyrim special edition when it was on sale a few weeks back.

Eso is complete brilliance. The production is swtor taken to the next level, like showing the world what a voice acted mmo should be. Even looking at that the source page made me look forward to every single feature they’re updating.

Theres only one problem.. its an mmo. They’ve replace out a self respecting world with a guilded hamster cage that shakes out peoples pockets and takes the coins through the floor. As an mmo, i can’t think of any game more perfect.. it will never hold a candle to the real thing though.

Being well past smoke and mirrors of addiction to see the anti player nastyness present in nearly all of these games.. yeh i think wow like mmo’s im getting close to being done with. Sandbox or bust.


Skyrim is a garbage TES game by itself – single player, yet dumbed-down and heavily restricted.

ESO is a good MMO take on the TES franchise, I can’t possibly imagine it being anything more than what it is, only devs can imagine that. One thing that would’ve been nice is if the game was classless, but I don’t know how they would’ve balanced that.


Never seen the game so damn busy, that birthday celebration event got people flocking. Now we have a few days of free eso+ for new people and free crown crates for eso+ members………………

just for logging on…


Shhh hear that? oh nm it’s just a tumbleweed going by. Pretty dead thread.

As usual i pretty much gloss over games i’m not interested in and especially when it’s about new log in tricks, oh they are the worst. Yes even SotA has one, 500 gold for talking to the Oracle every day.


I love this idea, it’s awesome and hopefully other games take note.

atm and i called this at the launch of SWL. forced daily log in’s only make players resent the game after so much time and i’m kinda getting there with SWL. My subs due in a couple days and yea going to cancel (for now anyway) this chore of logging in for a key is becoming as fun as making my bed every day.

Yet my ESO sub is still rolling and doubt i’ll cancel anytime soon. “WHY? you haven’t played the game in a year?”. 1500 crowns every month that’s why and i’m not forced to log in to get them.

Even if SWL had a weekly counter, log in once a week to get 7 keys, DONE! Sub rolls on forever, i know they can’t do it auto daily due to the plethora of lifers, but i’d be completely fine with once a week.

Once again i gotta give it to ESO, they really come up with ways to be completely fair and keep you subbed, looks like i might pop on once a week too, at least for awhile.

Wait shhhh you hear that?

YEA Sounds like; yea it is super loud cheering and clapping coming from, from… Rockville, MD a studio there just read this thread and started screaming, “It worked!!!!
Yes by being fair… and not forcing people to do something stupid every day… you get the drift.