Elite: Dangerous is discontinuing support for the Mac [Updated]

Bye Felicia

We’re sorry to inform fans of Elite: Dangerous on Apple computers that they’re soon going to be forced to choose between the platform and the game. It’s been officially announced that support for the game on Macs will be ended with the update in Q4, toward the end of the year. Players can still log in on PCs or via accounts logged into on Bootcamp, but you’ll have to use one of those methods. This is after Mac support was first added in 2015.

Players already know that there have been technical problems preventing Horizons from launching on the platform, although their specific nature has not been explained; what matters is that further technical improvements to the game didn’t appear to be making things any better. Some players are speculating that this will also mean Horizons is bundled into the base game, but whatever the expansion changes are, you won’t be seeing them natively on a Mac. Our condolences to the players affected.

Update: Frontier now says that if you’re angling for a refund, contact support.

“Hey! Good question. If anyone has any questions about how their Mac account will be affected, or our refunds policy, please get in touch with our customer support team at support.frontier.co.uk who are dealing with all requests on this subject on an individual basis!”

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Stkmks Returns

It was explained (though deep in a very old forum thread), they use certain graphics api features that aren’t in osx. Specifically performance of the planetary terrain wasn’t possible without it, hence no horizons.

Given they are supporting both console platforms however, makes you wonder how much the pc version was compromised with this in mind. I never played the alphas so kinda look at that footage longingly.

At the moment elite is kinda in a limbo of strangeness if you’re keeping up with the latest. Best stick with the sandbox as always, as excitement for the bleeding edge will get you mixed results.


eww, not good, not good.


Would be interesting to see the hard numbers on how many people this impacts. I guessing less than 1%.


Players already know that there have been technical problems preventing Horizons from launching on the platform, although their specific nature has not been explained.

Nah, it was explained, the specific issue being that Apple’s version of OpenGL does not have compute shader support which was needed for the planetary generation. Metal also hasn’t got compute shader support which remains a necessity for planetary generation in Q4’s patch.

The best option for Mac owners is to use bootcamp.


More like, was needed for the currently used method for planetary generation and Frontier decided the potential sales on the Mac platform wouldn’t cover the costs of developing and supporting an alternative method that worked for Mac.

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Honestly I was surprised that they even tried. Supporting Mac game play has always been a problem and a loss in the end. :/ Why I’m a PC gamer and not a Mac gamer.