World of Warcraft Q&A covers tier sets and Azerite armor with Artifact power

Elf elf elf.

If the mere mention of the words “Artifact Power” now send you into apoplectic rage in relation to World of Warcraft, we have bad news for you: Azerite Power has been redubbed Artifact Power, and yes, it’s what is going into your Heart of Azeroth necklace. That doesn’t change the mechanics of it, but the latest Q&A confirmed the name change. It also confirmed that a given power shouldn’t feel like a full-on Legendary from Legion, but the total cumulative power should be somewhere in that ballpark.

The Q&A also covered the removal of tier sets and the replacement of the powers in general with Azerite armor (each tier of power should apparently feel like a two-piece bonus), along with the more unified looks for armor in various locations. The team also confirmed that High Elves aren’t planned for a future Allied Race; as far as the development and lore teams are confirmed, High Elves are basically already playable, those are Blood Elves. Check out the full Q&A writeup on Wowhead.

Source: Wowhead

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Randy Savage

I was pretty satisfied with all the answers they gave, even if they didn’t have time to answer a lot of questions. But they really do need to hurry up and release some of the more involved Azerite traits so people stop assuming it’s nothing but boring passives.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Are there more involved traits? And yes, the standard Azerite traits are boring passives, which have little or no discernible impact. In other words, completely situational as to their proccing.

Randy Savage

Well, they said during this Q&A that, “the goal with most traits, especially the spec specific one, are to modify gameplay. They should be similar in power to the 2 set bonus or powerful Artifact traits.” So I’d say yeah there are more involved traits.