Chronicles of Elyria places a premium on player communication


    Bemoaning the current state of (non-)communication in modern MMORPGs, Soulbound Studios said that it has plans to bring back this essential interaction between people for Chronicles of Elyria.

    “In order to help players immerse in Elyria, and to allow all-new play styles to emerge, we’ve added a number of communication-dependent mechanics to support the kind of in-game experiences we want to give players,” the studio said.

    These mechanics include in-character chat, proximity chat (which comes in four versions), family chat, character introductions (and related identities), the ability to play incognito, wearable disguises, information as a commodity, gossip, an opinion indicator, collectable evidence of crimes, social standing, criminal status, contracts, various (learnable) languages, gestures, and character reputation and fame. It sounds quite complex.

    “The depth of the interactions is up to you, we are merely providing the tools to make them meaningful and allow for a huge variety,” said Soulbound.


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    Chosenxeno .

    Isn’t this the dumb game that won’t have a minimap or map?

    Dro Gul

    More pie in the sky catnip for the fans they keep fleecing for more money. These guys are so far behind schedule it’s laughable. Show me 100 players in game. Heck, at this point show me a dozen. To date we actually haven’t even seen 1 player in game.

    Toy Clown

    I’m in love with what they are developing for the game. I haven’t seen this much attention given to chat and languages since SWG. Any game that can give us chat that’s on a MUD level has my full support! And especially from devs who recognize that roleplay is a playstyle. (That’s always confused me why they make MMORPGs, but don’t give players access to immersive features that make it pleasurable to interact with other players.)


    Having followed this for a long time I believe all these items fit very well together, and I have 100% faith in SBS being able to pull it off. I, for one, am very excited for this game.


    As is true with almost every system in this game it appears overly and perhaps unnecessarily complex.

    Also one has to question whether a
    lightly funded team will be able to deliver on so many intricate systems, at least in any reasonable timeframe.


    some of their systems seem at odds with each other. housing is competitive in tiers but players need to communicate? those two things might not seem all that big a deal, but you are asking players to compartmentalize mindsets for different features. Be competitive here, but be a team there. Throw in a subscription system to that and players will feel slighted for their money when the type of housing they want is in scarcity in a certain city they desire to live in.

    Creating jealousy in players that are supposed to be working together seems antithetical to me. I am a firm believer in all your systems should point toward the same goal. Want players to cooperate? Have all the systems benefit cooperation. That way, players’ mindsets are the same on every system in the game and nothing is at odds.


    Maybe there are other cases in CoE that have systems pointing in different directions, but this one I can’t see a problem with.
    In mmos with cooperation, having players to look up to is a strong motivation driver both for the admired and the admirers. I am not sure jealousy is such a big problem, because the players attracted to this kind of game are not the kind that expects a game to hand everyone the world regardless of skill; and that mindset rarely develops jealousy but instead motivation.
    Of course unless I misunderstood this, and it is another paywall/p2w divide .. which is a serious wall this game is heading towards at 200mph blindfolded with the radio on full whack and “Everything is going to be allright” on repeat. The motivation drive that this kind of game should feed on, dies with every p2w mechanic added.. well that is just my opinion on this games biggest issue.


    totally valid things you are pointing out and you may well be right. i think though that the housing scarcity will be an issue because it will be player towns, so you will have guild members of the same guilds competing for housing tiers that arent unlimited. that type of thing causes rifts.

    the biggest hurdle to me for this game is the sub. it doesnt have the storied IP to support it in my opinion. i am not against subs in any way, but in 2018, an mmo has to be going above and beyond and has to provide so much value to be worth it when compared to what some b2p games offer in terms of content on a monthly basis.