Chronicles of Elyria places a premium on player communication


Bemoaning the current state of (non-)communication in modern MMORPGs, Soulbound Studios said that it has plans to bring back this essential interaction between people for Chronicles of Elyria.

“In order to help players immerse in Elyria, and to allow all-new play styles to emerge, we’ve added a number of communication-dependent mechanics to support the kind of in-game experiences we want to give players,” the studio said.

These mechanics include in-character chat, proximity chat (which comes in four versions), family chat, character introductions (and related identities), the ability to play incognito, wearable disguises, information as a commodity, gossip, an opinion indicator, collectable evidence of crimes, social standing, criminal status, contracts, various (learnable) languages, gestures, and character reputation and fame. It sounds quite complex.

“The depth of the interactions is up to you, we are merely providing the tools to make them meaningful and allow for a huge variety,” said Soulbound.

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