Perfect World Mobile takes to the skies


Perfect World perhaps doesn’t get the recognition and popularity in the west that it enjoys overseas, but this franchise may get another shot at glory when the mobile edition arrives on the scene.

PWE just announced the creation of Perfect World Mobile, a fantasy MMO based in the same world and using many of the same races as its bigger sibling. MMO Culture confirmed that there are six races, although many of the other details have yet to be unveiled. One thing we do know is that the title is going to have an aerial focus, with combat in flight a possibility. That will be interesting to see how it works on a smaller screen with touch controls.

This mobile title is scheduled to come out later in 2018. Check out the teaser trailers below!

Source: MMO Culture

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If it’s anything like Forsaken World Mobile ( a stripped down version of an already basic MMO), then count me out. Here’s hoping they do a better job with this one, though, especially since PW was their flagship franchise.

Robert Mann

Well, mobile is more or less the friendly place for their monetization practices. PW was always the credit card warrior’ paradise.