Final Fantasy XI welcomes back old veterans and new players this summer


Have you never tried Final Fantasy XI but always wanted to? Have you tried it before and want to catch back up? Good news, then; the game is making it very easy for you to jump in during the month of May with its discount campaign and welcome back campaign. The former is really simple: You can pick up the entirety of the game, expansions and all, for $10. Just need the last expansion? $5. Need a world transfer? $9. So you could get your account caught up with every expansion and transfer to another server for less than the game costs.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re a previous subscriber, the welcome back campaign will let you play free of charge, along with letting you enjoy an array of bonuses like increased experience gain during the month’s events, special login rewards, and rare alter egos available during the month of May. So you’ll be able to get a lot out of returning, and even new players will benefit from all of these boosts. There’s lots to do and lots to be happy about; if you’re thinking of returning to Vana’diel, May is the time to do it.

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There is a work in progress mod which updates environment textures to HD. It’s kind of awesome and makes the game look much better. check it out. It’s calles FF XI HD Overhaul

Chris Moss

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN NEEDING IN MY LIFE!!! Been without an mmo for a couple of months now. Finally time to return home to my PUP!


Reading news about FFXI always makes me sad that I couldn’t bring myself to like FFXIV despite several attempts and 2 characters close to Heavensward maximal level.


Is this just for the US players or there is also a return to FF XI for Europeans players ?
Not from Europe but Square Enix like Sony group us with Europeans.

Colin Goodwin

Ugh,the temptation, the nostalgia…..I might force my friend group to take the dive back in with me and try to re live some of the glory days.

Simon Kolomar