RIFT opens a progression test server

What’s better and more useful than one test server? If you’re Trion Worlds, it’s two test servers! No, the studio hasn’t gone loco just yet; Trion wanted to establish a second public test server to try out changes for RIFT’s progression shard.

“We’ve been hard at work on this project over the weekend, which will allow us to better test features and balance before sending them to Prime,” Trion said. “Omega runs on a Prime config and will have a test build of unreleased Prime changes on it.”

The Omega server is up and the patch notes are already posted for the upcoming build, so check it out! RIFT Prime recently enabled its Greenscale Blight raid, offering more endgame content for the newly minted level 50s.

Source: RIFT
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Roger Melly

If they came out and announced these progression subscription based servers would be permanent I would jump back into Rift like a shot .


They said the PTS would be up last week and it’s still not up yet.

2 months later and they are still trying to patch in content that was there at launch. It’s taken them longer to re-release the content then it was to create it from scratch 8yrs ago.

Fast-Progression server this is not.

There are a few hold outs waiting for the chance to “test” content to make Prime better, but most the community quit. (Looking at 1hr+ queues if you want to level in a dungeons on PRIME) There are 2 guilds waiting for GSB, but most those players came from live with years of playtime with purchased REX gametime tokens on live.

I can’t see anyone actually paying $15/month for the opportunity to test this 8yr old game. Both the 32bit and 64bit game clients are actually unstable. I’ve never seen a released game crash to desktop 2-3 times a day consistently for the entire player-base and it to be classified at just normal for the people who play it. It’s almost mind boggling how far this game has fallen into disrepair.

This studio was woefully unprepared to release anything deserving of a paid subscription and I rank this up as another cash grab by TRION.


Well, considering they don’t even let us bring our promotional titles/mounts/pets over to Prime and they then have been reselling old special mounts like the Collector’s Edition turtle mount and the Amored White Tiger (RIFT’s first MTX mount that raised questions about whether Trion was going down a slippery slope or not – turns out they were prepping for a Slip-N-Slide!)… yeah they’re trying to cash in on this as much as they can.

It horribly rubs me the wrong way that they expect me to pay $25 or whatever just to get old mounts that I bought 5-7 years ago.