Safecracking feature and tools are live for RuneScape’s thieves today


Live today in regular flavor RuneScape is a brand-new update that ought to make thieves in particular happy.

“Safecracking is a new training method, unlocked after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest and related capers. From the safes you’ll get Thieving XP, cold hard cash and reward points. These points can be spent on gubbins like a consumable reward that protects you from being stunned, as well as an item that allows you to instantly remove all suspicion from one elf clan.”

To make the “slightly AFK training method” of safecracking actually function, Jagex has added master lockpicks and master stethoscope too, with a grand total of 49 safes now scattered all over the game world. Happy stealing!

The studio has a few other tweaks for you today too, including a ton of bugfixes and adjustments to dungeoneering token bags.