Saga of Lucimia previews its third-person camera perspective

I can see you now!

Do you want to see yourself in Saga of Lucimia? Or see your character, we should specify. The team is making progress on the third-person camera mode and even previewed it with a recent video showing off a test character moving around while the third-person camera does what it does best with panning around. Now you can see the adventures of Beardlord Beardy MacBeardson in full panning action!

No, really, this is a good thing. The camera panning and such is still a work in progress, but it looks smooth in the video, and it’ll give players more views to use depending on personal preference. Check out the video just below if you’d like to see the camera in action. It does not actually name the Beardlord, but we have chosen to infer his title as a sign of respect.

Source: YouTube; thanks to Francis for the tip!
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Dro Gul

3rd person camera is a big achievement?