Season four – and that pesky meteor overhead – are finally approaching Fortnite

Players have been speculating a lot about what will happen when the meteor hanging in the sky over Fortnite’s world finally hits, but we’ll find out tomorrow when Season 4 arrives. It’s been getting extensive teasing, too, and there are even little meteors already smacking the ground. The fan speculation that Tilted Towers is getting destroyed hasn’t gone away, but the latest image to promote the new season seems to hint at a permanent crater and new superhero-themed costumes.

Of course, the game has been building up hype for some time with whispers of aliens and the ever-present meteor, but tomorrow will reveal what all this has actually been building toward over time. As a device to get players invested, it’s certainly worked wonders; let’s see what happens when that big ball of rock hits the ground.

Source: Twitter via Polygon
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The fascination with Battle Royale eludes me, but Save the World is really fun. I definitely don’t regret getting the $60 starter pack. Between that and saving up my v-bucks earned in-game and picking up loot llamas that guarantee legendaries I already have 3 legendary heroes and a nice selection of legendary weapons. I suppose you can pay to win this game, but you don’t have to. The gameplay is really fun and doesn’t feel grindy at all to me, so I don’t mind earning stuff in game.


This is about Save the World, the co-op PvE game.

I spent well over $1,000 on Fortnite when it first came out. Funny enough, my best weapons are weapons I’ve earned for free during events and not what I got from spending. The game has really come around to be something great for the free players (not that they are there yet in big numbers until the PvE game officially opens to them, though a lot of people got basic packs gifted to them and haven’t spent anything).

I’m not saying it’s not easier for paying players to get weapon experience to upgrade different equipment, because it is, but free players can get the very best stuff for free now and grind out everything else in not too long of a time. Free players won’t have as many options of stuff to level up all at once, they’ll have to be more picky in what they put their resources into leveling up, but the best stuff is all there for them for free now. Weapons, characters, everything is constantly given away in both events and daily earnings.

If only I didn’t spend much money I would have seen that I would have got everything good for free later. Well I can’t blame anybody but myself I guess :D


Ah, but you had fun, right? Yeah, it might be better next time to wait and see how things shake out, but as entertainment Fortnite is worth the money because it keeps on giving back.

I’m having a lot of fun. I have to keep myself away from it during the week or else nothing else gets done. Lol.


On the bright side you’ve now probably got a number of Legendary Troll Stash Llamas tossed your way.