You can invite people into your house with Closers’ Renovation update next week

Renovation sounds like what I’m currently doing to my basement, but it’s also the name of Closers‘ upcoming patch, due out next week, and I promise it’s nothing to do with basements. The word basement isn’t even in the brand-new patch notes.

What is? Housing multiplay (invite peeps into your pad), a big questing overhaul, the new attendance reward system, gear comparisons, item tweaks, outfit tweaks, even PvP tweaks.

“Our next Closers update introduces numerous improvements to all aspects of the game, including (but not limited to) leveling curve tweaks designed to get you to max level faster, changes to achievement and crafting, shorter load times, and more. The Renovation Update will release early next week (the week of May 7).”

When the patch goes live, you can also expect a “welcome back” event with “free stuff” for new and returning players.


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Once I tried this and realized it was an anime Dungeon Fighter Online, I’ve been playing a ton of it. I love DFO, but that classic side scrolling style just works better on a controller to me, and Closers has a good controller setup. If you are not a fan of anime, then it probably won’t hold you, but fun gameplay, fun graphics, and fun skill system and gear systems so far.

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i enjoyed my 45-80 or so minutes spread over a couple months i played this game but it didn’t survive a recent drive clean up even tho some of the outfit shit was incredibly cute.