Conan Exiles teases next week’s launch with three amusing live-action Conan trailers


Conan Exiles is officially launching next week on May 8th, but in the meantime, it’s putting out all the videos. All of them.

“Thought experiment: what would happen if we placed Conan the Barbarian in our own, real world? How would he survive? Well, here’s your answer,” Funcom says. “We figured it would be fun if we turned it around and threw Conan into a world of Scandinavian furniture, robot vacuum cleaners, and airplanes. Conclusion? Hopefully players will fare better in his world.”

“I have found a book ten times more diabolical than the Necronomicon or the moldering scrolls of Skelos,” said Conan the Barbarian. “It’s called Assembly Instructions.”

Honestly, the best gag in there is the name of the IKEA unit Conan is trying to put together.

And the studio has an unboxing of the collector’s edition too.

Source: Press release
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How Would You COLLECT OVERDUE FINES in His World?

Toy Clown

I bought the game and ended up overwhelmed by the sheer amount of player servers. I played two sessions on solo player mode and haven’t logged back in since. I’ll try to get back into it another time.

Nathaniel Downes

Man, I want one of those IKEA Tortur!


I’ve been playing this on and off through alpha/beta. It has definitely improved over time. And the map is great. Very good alternative to ARK. I hope they keep supporting after launch