Crowfall previews the armor of the High Elves

Come hell or high elf.

The next alpha version of Crowfall will allow players to try out the High Elf race, which means that it would be a bit of a problem if you couldn’t dress them up appropriately. Originally, the race was designed for the Frostweaver class, but while the races can now take on multiple different classes, those design elements are still in place for the High Elf garments, all of which have a looser feel and more elegant designs.

All of the various outfits were designed with an eye toward some of the more ornate armors found in traditions like ancient Persia and Thailand, functional with a nod toward high collars and sweeping lines. You’ll get to play around with it yourself in the game’s next alpha test, of course, but it’s nice to get a preview of the fashion before playing dress-up.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, JamesGoblin!

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Toy Clown

These outfits are a breath of fresh air after playing Korean MMOs. I’m tired of over-sexualizing of female characters. I really like Crowfall’s work on these.