Elder Scrolls Online players are salty about cash-shop and lockbox mounts

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The Elder Scrolls Online has a good reputation for offering a fair deal for accessing the game. But if ZeniMax is losing money on freeloaders and players who are refusing to subscribe, it’s looking to make it up elsewhere. One of the big sales pressure points is the area of mounts, and it’s starting to become a problem for some in the community.

As players have noted on Reddit, only four horses of the game’s current 74 mounts can be obtained through normal in-game play. The remaining 70 must be purchased through the cash shop or won through a lockbox. Understandably, the community is rather salty about the topic.

“Currently the majority of mounts released are all through Crown Crate,” the original poster said. “Look at the percentages — they are absolutely dreadful. This is not a F2P game. You have to buy the game and the many expansions that go with it. I am totally fine with an in-game shop, but at least be fair to us. Really feels like they don’t care at all and just want to nickle-and-dime us as much as possible.”

Other players defended the mount situation with this basic argument: “I get that you want more mount options without having to pay IRL money (I mean who wouldn’t)… but at the end of the day it’s a purely cosmetic difference.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Viktoras!
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Chosenxeno .

It’s the same exploitative garbage. If you have 74 mounts there’s no need for them to be in RNG boxes. Just sell the damn things.


I don’t mind. A lot of development goes into the game, and keeping the servers running, so I know the devs have to do things to bring that money in. I’m happy to pay for expansions which bring new content, just as I’m happy to pay for cosmetic items. It’s my favorite MMO and I want it to keep going as long as it can.

Sana Tan

It’s not the mounts or cosmetics. The problem starts when you put base mechanics as Jewelry Crafting behind paywall. Yes I bought Summerset but now I feel like a I have done something dirty, and can’t longer say I love ZoS.

Ben Stone

I don’t really have a problem with their monetisation scheme, as it doesn’t equate to endgame power. Also you get different horse appearances based on how you feed it.

That being said I do prefer if lockbox items are available outside of lockboxes. I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for the mounts if it means avoiding the lottery.

Also I find appearance items to be a big driver in keeping people around. Farming mounts, pets and appearance sets in WoW is one of the big drawcards which keeps the game populated. Putting all your best looking items in the store and not the game is a gamble which can lead to players getting bored and leaving after new content is completed.

Stkmks Returns

For eso players this a long standing fact of life. Its not news. Its been like this since it went b2p. That was just a random reddit thread.

As a player you have to shut it out. Every single time you go to the crown store you get cut down by some display of overt extortion. Basically every single item on it is like that.. you get numb to it and just wait for sales, or…. in real honest satisfaction ignore it (with a lingering sick feeling in your stomach).

They have coupon days for non whales. If you can wait you’re fine. If you can’t control your itches you WILL be raped or get very very angry, yes.

Kevin Smith

There isn’t anything wrong with this model at all. You do not need these mounts to do anything in the game other than the look. This is one of the best business models today as if you sub you get everything thing except cosmetics, and the yearly DLC, with some bonuses like the crafting bag which is worth the sub alone. Hell you can even just buy the additions that you want to play separately. Can’t count how many loot boxes I have been given for free also just by loggin in on certain days or special events. Even got a few mounts given to me for just being a sub over the years and free loot boxes. Paying for cosmetics is the way the genre has been heading for a long time and is the right way to go. Sorry if you can’t have everything without supporting the companies continued development. Your initial box purchase does not keep the company afloat over the years of new development.

Rolan Storm

Bloody extortion, those ESO guys. Ugly business.

Gee, what’s next? I mean guys can’t be nicer. They made this cute outfit editor. They give new players something every level (including free mount). They give out week of subscription on regular basis and subscribers (like me) get loot boxes instead – I got FREE MOUNTS from those. They make holiday double XP events with all that funny quests.

But, noooooouue… we found reason to be sour. Their diamonds too frigging small for them to like. Bah!

Teala Te'Jir

I have mounts from the game that did not come from in game. Want to know how I got them. Got them for free, too. ESO is constantly just giving us free loot boxes. This year alone I think they’ve given us upwards of 20 boxes. With those boxes I have gotten mounts. Then on top of that some DLC’s give you free mounts. And on top of that just playing the game they give you a free mount. If you buy the Tamriel Unlimited Gold Edition – yep you get a free another different free mount! I think all in all I have like 12 mounts…all free. So why are people complaining? ESO gives them away like candy.

Bryan Turner

You know what gets me, B2Pers that buy the box thinking they’re actually the ones paying the bills, or even people that just spend $15 a month. I wouldn’t be surprised if $15 a month isn’t enough to keep these games afloat because lets face it, inflation is a bitch, everyone’s salary goes up, their utilities increase, I’m sure their rent or taxes on the building goes up, I bet their Server fees go up in price as well. Basically you have people like me keeping your games up and running and the big boys the whales. People like me in a good month might unload close to $100 every 2 weeks out of a pay check, I’ve cut back to roughly $50 every Two Weeks, then you’ve got Whales that spend thousands of dollars with out a care in the world.

Here you guys are debating the morality of loot boxes, and whether Box Prices entitle you more to anything other than being content for whales, and minnows.

I’ll be a little less jaded after I drink my coffee, thank god (figure of speech I’m an atheist) I had the foresight to install an AC before going to bed; 90 degrees outside.


Businesses should provide things people want for money, if people are not giving them money, then they have not added enough value to any purchases for these people.

Current model of ESO and GW2 make them money and so are successful in engaging enough of the playerbase with purchases they feel have enough value, some of the playerbase does not feel the mounts are priced or acquired in a way they are comfortable with.

Bryan Turner

In the end if they’re still making enough money then I guess those opinions don’t matter much, personally I think it’s a vocal minority on both sides of the argument; most people don’t give a shit and will spend roughly $15 a month on something shiny they want to wear and call it a day.

Jemmyt Reloaded

In their lifetime, Zorro and Lucky Luke got one horse each, during their adventures. And they were fine with that. :P