Elder Scrolls Online players are salty about cash-shop and lockbox mounts

Clockwork it.
The Elder Scrolls Online has a good reputation for offering a fair deal for accessing the game. But if ZeniMax is losing money on freeloaders and players who are refusing to subscribe, it’s looking to make it up elsewhere. One of the big sales pressure points is the area of mounts, and it’s starting to become a problem for some in the community.

As players have noted on Reddit, only four horses of the game’s current 74 mounts can be obtained through normal in-game play. The remaining 70 must be purchased through the cash shop or won through a lockbox. Understandably, the community is rather salty about the topic.

“Currently the majority of mounts released are all through Crown Crate,” the original poster said. “Look at the percentages — they are absolutely dreadful. This is not a F2P game. You have to buy the game and the many expansions that go with it. I am totally fine with an in-game shop, but at least be fair to us. Really feels like they don’t care at all and just want to nickle-and-dime us as much as possible.”

Other players defended the mount situation with this basic argument: “I get that you want more mount options without having to pay IRL money (I mean who wouldn’t)… but at the end of the day it’s a purely cosmetic difference.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Viktoras!
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