Gloria Victis patches in new passive skills for players to use

Get better at this.

The passive skill system for Gloria Victis has gotten an upgrade with the game’s most recent patch, and the new passives let you be even better at the things that matter to you. Want to be able to only get staggered when you should be getting stunned? How about damage no longer interrupting first aid you provide to your fellow players? Or what about getting faster and harder to stop when you’re at low health? That’s all in place right now through new top-tier passive abilities.

Of course, there are other passives in there as well, including new trigger abilities, a better overall passive progress system, and a number of balance passes to make sure that your chosen skills are effective all the way down. It should make mastery in combat more straightforward and more satisfying to achieve. Feel free to compare and contrast these latest changes with our overall evaluation of the title from last year, with the caveat that it continues to improve itself.

Source: Steam

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