PlayerUnknown’s Battleground radically rebalances weaponry with its latest patch

Such a compelling narrative of 'gun'

There’s going to be a big downtime for a patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tonight; don’t count on playing in tonight after 10 p.m. EDT. That’s because of a nice big patch that’s dropping, update 12. And update 12 is bringing plenty of new stuff to the game, starting with a big rebalance to all of the existing weapon types. Assault rifles in particular have been rebalanced to really avoid having one of them be objectively the best choice for every possible scenario.

A new muscle car has also been added to Miramar, along with new scopes for your weaponry to further affect your gameplay. It’s a length patch that you can read through in detail; downtime for the patch is expected to be around four hours. Once it’s all over, you can start re-evaluating which weapons you should be picking up for which situations, hopefully before other players prove their superior skills at snap valuation.

Source: Steam via VG24/7

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