Ashes of Creation reflects on its post-Kickstarter year


If Kickstarter truly kickstarted the gaming public’s interest in Ashes of Creation, then the team is not complaining. In fact, Intrepid Studios sent out a letter to fans in which it reflected on the past 12 months and how much has happened between May 2017 and now.

It’s probably one of those letters you just want to read yourself, so here you go:

Can you believe it has already been one year since the start of our Kickstarter? We cannot either honestly. It feels like only yesterday that we were in the midst of one of the craziest days of our lives! Ashes of Creation has come a long way since May 1st, 2017, and we are proud to report that the project is on schedule and making remarkable progress.

Much has happened over the past year. For starters, when we began our Kickstarter, the team working on Ashes was only 12 people strong. As of this week, Ashes of Creation now has over 75 people working on the project. As you may know, it isn’t easy scaling up a project that quickly. But Intrepid has been fortunate in attracting some of the most talented developers that the industry has to offer.

We attended PAX West, GDC and PAX East to show off the progress of our development. The passion from our fans has been astounding, and continues to inspire the team to hit our goals and deliver a game that will make you proud.

Our Alpha Zero testing phases that we began in December of 2017, has been a tremendous success. We have implemented the launcher and downloader for the game, seen over 100 players logged into a single zone with nearly 4,000 NPCs, and had player progression to level 10 with an early iteration of our node system up and working. We have seen above optimal server performance during these tests and have now moved on to preparing the first phase of our Alpha One launch, which we announced for 4th Quarter of 2018.

We will go more in depth with a look back at the past year on our stream this May 4th at 3pm PDT, on Twitch, so make sure to tune in and we will see you then!

Source: Press release
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I’m pretty invested in the game but the only thing I’m concerned of is the cash shop. Not on any meaningful level… just all the sales of exclusive appearances. I mean if there is a reskinned model obtainable in-game, my worries will be gone. I am all for cash shops… but only balanced ones in sub-based games. Either add a way to gain the cash shop currency or have a comparable version in-game.


Hopefully they can deliver. It certainly seems promising and I look forward to eventually getting to try it out.


So, I found there presentation and demo in Pax East impressive given the time the game has been in development.

Yup. I’m keeping an eye on AoC as well. Great work done, but a long way to go.

Toy Clown

I’ve been keeping an eye on Ashes of Creation, and most importantly on their development team. They definitely have positive motivation they drive the team with, and most importantly the people believe in what they’re doing, which shows in their passion in interviews, posts on the forums, and encouragement of players to communicate with them what they don’t like about their product.

It’s a beautiful thing to see an independent studio launch like this, and they have some in their development team I’ve greatly respected from my time playing SWG and EQ1 and 2. I’m one of those players that uses SWG as a measuring stick toward how much I want to play an MMO.

What tempers how I think about that is I’ve been playing MMOs since UO came out and I’m a little jaded from my experiences with, especially the “big guy” studios behind development. I’ve watched favorite MMOs get shut down, or changed up so vastly from what their original intent was that they no longer were fun.

So I continue to watch this project, but any excitement is tempered by past experiences, as well as trying to figure out if I can afford this MMO yet or not. I love my fluff and when studios finally figured out fluff-lovers were willing to pay a lot for it, I’ve had to work hard to get my spending in line with the 500-fold increase in my entertainment costs. *Sad face*


Yes Denice, I too wish and hope an investor that truly understand massively multi player online games and maybe even has played themselves decides to invest and renew true development of an EverQuest 3.

However, I am not sure if Intrepid Games is that studio. How would they balance competition within a new created studio that has yet to release a massive successful mmo? I am a bit skeptical, however if their heart is in the right place and they are willing to create or to sponsor more than one mmo at once, then more power to them, I say!

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Yup, this is a sticky wicket. On one hand, Intrepid is the hot studio of the month with its successful (i.e., not embarrassing) showings at the shows. Sharif is an MMO nerd and so far has proven to be a good business manager by hiring fast and efficiently and meeting goals.

OTOH, OMG, please do not ruin by over extension the best bet we have for a decent, interesting, innovative MMO in the next 3 years.

The problem with asset buy-outs is that it’s the investment bankers who lend the money that actually own the assets, not the studio that “buys” them. And I think this is where DBG, CN and Epstein entered stage left.