Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss has even more rebalancing plans for PvP, debuffs, and crowd control

Yesterday’s Black Desert patch apparently caught some backlash from the community, particularly in regard to the crowd control changes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Pearl Abyss team has now responded to the feedback on Kakao’s forums with even more balancing plans for the future.

“We want to provide a more fair and fun PvP environment for our Adventurers,” PA explains. “Therefore, we want to decrease class imbalance by adjusting crowd control effects (Freezing, Knockdown, Grapple, Knockback, etc.) and defense effects (Super Armor, Invincibility, Frontal Guard, etc.).” To counter this particular design creep, Black Spirit’s Rage Absorption effects will change for all classes and only the first hit of skills will trigger debuff effects.

That last bit in particular contributed to “class imbalance and favoritism to certain classes with successive crowd control skills,” hence the fix. “This will pave the way to giving you a fairer chance against debuffs in PvP. However, if the general rules of evasion are kept the same we think that efficiency of evasion will skyrocket, and we will have no choice but to change it as well. From now on attack damage only will be affected by evasion stats, and debuff effects will only be affected by debuff resistance effects.”

Finally, the devs says, “To provide you all with a more intuitive PvP environment, one skill will no longer have a debuff and defense effect at the same time. However, this change will take some time to complete and we would like to ask for your patience and understanding.”

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Roger Melly

Still no ranged male DPS ?


I’ll play it when they put a male archer class in .

Kickstarter Donor

Too bad it takes 6 months of mindless grinding to be able to participate in ‘fair’ PvP…


Always scary when Pearl Abyss makes such big changes to their game because it shows just how completely out of touch with the game they are and the actual impact the changes they make on the game.

Like they’ve done nothing but buff and over buff AP/DR through changes like the Renown system to the point everyone more or less has given up on Evasion. But here they are claiming Evasion is too efficient for CC purposes. That would be right if anyone went evasion, but because the AP/DR changes no one does that. So this just makes Evasion even less appealing than it already is. It also makes AP items like Nouver even more efficient since it’s AP and resistances since resistances are going to be a thing again.

Glad I’m not overly focused on the competitive aspect of this game or I’d be looking towards a new game.