Elder Scrolls Online will make you a master of time itself

Time manipulation is a tricky thing to do in a multiplayer live environment, but every so often, an MMO attempts to do just that. Elder Scrolls Online is taking a swing at it with Summerset’s Psijic Order skill line.

It’s not quite a new class, but this skill line is pretty exciting nevertheless. There are active and passive skills for all types of playstyles, with more of an emphasis on defenses than anything else. Those characters that master the skill line will be able to stop time, imbue their weapons with light damage, speed up, and even rewind the past few moments.

“With the Psijic Order skill line, we wanted players to feel like they’re super-powerful sages that can control time,” said Combat Lead Eric Wrobel. “When building the new skill line, our goal was to include something for everyone. With healing, tanking, damaging, and some general utility abilities.”

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