EVE Online kicks off its new anniversary event

Tell us, when did MMORPGs get to be so old? EVE Online is bloomin’ 15 this year, and that just cannot be. Hopefully it has another 15 in it before the players find the edge of the galaxy and fall off into uncoded space.

Even as we boggle at the time gone by, we can enjoy the events that arrive with anniversaries. EVE Online activated its newest event, titled Operation: Conscious Interruption, and players can check it out from now through May 15th.

Player pilots are being called on to defend the Society of Conscious Thought as it attempts to deploy a Praxis battleship and recover stolen technology. CCP said that there are events for all types of players to do, from solo play to PvP. Rewards from the event include 15th anniversary SKINs, so get out there and pwn like a boss!

Source: EVE Online