Soulworker patches in new playable character Jin, new endgame raid


SoulWorker’s getting a new toon today, marking the fifth playable character in the anime MMORPG. Who is he? Jin Seipatsu, a “courageous boy stricken with guilt for the loss of many innocent lives to the demons that plague his world and the evil known as The Great Void.”

“Jin belongs to the Fistfighter class among the SoulWorkers — a group of warriors with emotions so strong that they’re able to manifest them into powerful weapons. Jin’s particular emotional power is Integrity, which bestows upon him unique attributes such as the highest base hit points and area of effect damage among all other characters, as well as his own set of specialized attacks.”

There’s a new raid, too. Dubbed The Golden Citadel, it boasts five themed rooms with plenty of loot that can be tackled only after players have first completed all the game’s casual raids.

Gameforge is offering all players an item pack with “Respawners, vitamins, Anti-Destruction, Bonus Keycards and a Silver VIP Booster” with code PLAYJINredemption instructions are on the site, just keep in mind it expires May 31st.

Source: Official site, press release
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