Chronicles of Elyria reveals the wetlands, pokes through inventory, and celebrates its Kickstarter-versary

Can you make a swamp look beautiful? Chronicles of Elyria is doing its absolute best to do just that with its newest biome, the Freshwater Wetlands. The dev team gave players a hint at the possibilities for this region in a forum post that showed off this wet and wonderful place.

And because it’s the second year since the title ran its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Soulbound Studio is running several promotions during this month. New items and old favorites will be returned to the store and packages are being dug out of retirement to get you to spend some cash. There are community rewards (think “stretch goals”) during May, with the $500,000 tier unlocking playable Mydarri.

Soulbound also put together a video that pokes through an early version of Chronicles of Elyria’s equipment and inventory system, so if that interests you, you’ll find it waiting for you below.

“Being able to swap equipment was another key element to this quest, so we’ve got a variety of gear that characters can don and doff to customize their look,” the studio said. “Different pieces are on different layers, so to don or doff an item can sometimes mean removing multiple other pieces of equipment in order to get at it. As you can see, all our functionality is in and Scarlet made sure it was not just programmer art!”

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Kickstarter Donor

I forget, what’s this games end-game? Is it PvP but with aging characters?


Is that really the best they could come up with for their “anniversary”? As a thank you for giving us all this money we’re offering you the chance to spend more money….

Yeah, no. This CIG-style inspired crowdfunding needs to piss off already.

Hanthos Taal

Nice to start seeing this come together.