Next Day survival MMO devs apologize for badly received updates, plan launch for May 21


May 21st is a big day for self-described survival MMORPG Next Day: It’s formally launching out of early access, where it’s been since last July. SOFF Games and Last Level say that they’ve recently released new exoskeleton armor as well as multiple new locations, including the smoggy Dead Marshes, the only kind of toxicity anybody wants to see in a video game.

“Several previous updates were not that successful and some players had lost their interest in the game, we really apologize for this,” the devs write on Steam. “We completely revised the development plan and focused on developing the main game mode, in the near future we will release another update with a lot of new content!”

“We added new locations to the game. The largest, the Dead Marshes, is filled with the toxic smog that had caused the global catastrophe. This zone is so vast that completing quests and obtaining new weapons and armor will take you hours! Next Day has brought you, new unique enemies, including our favorite mutants, and, of course, bosses, so don’t expect the new quests to be easy to complete.”

Source: Press release, Steam