Artsy MMO Occupy White Walls patches in new assets, including a bar


Back in April, we first covered in-development MMORPG Occupy White Walls, a “PC sandbox-building, AI-driven MMO where people play with Art” rather than wander around as genocidal axe-murderers, complete with gobs of actual historical art, architectural assets, and a mysterious AI on the loose throughout the strange museum setting. Developer Stikipixels has made available only a solo building mode so far, with plans to develop for “guilds of people” and an anti-lootbox, “fair-to-play” business model.

Most recently, the game has patched up to version 1.666, which is “filled to the brim with fixes, improvements and new assets for you to play with,” the devs write in their email blast. The patch reportedly includes new concrete walls and doorways, turntable assets, trees, modular grass floors, neon text, cabinet assets, and bars – but “no drinks (yet).”

It’s in closed open alpha, so you can sign right up on the official site to go check it out right now.

Source: Press release, official site

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Jeffery Witman

I’ve been playing since the original MOP article and it’s a lot of fun. No need for complex excel spreadsheets to maximize DPS or figure out gear. Just build and be creative, pick some art you like and hang it up. Go visit other galleries and talk with other people doing the same things. Be as off the wall as you want, or try to recreate your favorite real world museum.

My gallery is very eclectic.


For a moment I read it as Occupy Wall Street and was like “good lord, why is a game named that in 2018?”


Same argument could be made for every other year. /shrug.