Star Trek Online previews the upcoming Gamma Task Force for Victory is Life

Go pew.
You’ve always known that there’s going to be a new reputation coming along with the next Star Trek Online patch, because of course there is. When Victory is Life launches, players can begin earning reputation with the Gamma Task Force by taking part in the new “Swarm” queue or the sector battlezone. Use those reputation marks, start in on projects, and assemble yourself a new set of equipment along with new traits.

So what sort of rewards do you get? Players can enjoy impulse engines designed for high maneuverability at low power alongside a core system that boosts auxiliary outputs, with a stacking team-wide bonus to drains and control. You also have new weapon sets available, new ground kits, and new traits to help resist control effects while improving your own. Plenty of fun toys for experienced players, in other words, especially if you like locking down your enemies.

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