Albion Online is coming to Steam on May 16 – check out the latest trailer


Crowdfunded indie PvP sandbox Albion Online officially launched last summer, finding so much initial success that its servers were hammered and it even suffered a round of extortion-centered DDOS attacks before settling into a scaled-down MMO live team and playerbase. So it always surprises me that the game never came to Steam, in spite of the fact that it was Greenlit on the platform four years ago. The team announced in March it was rectifying that oversight, and as of today, we now have a date: May 16. That’s for PC, Mac, and Linux.

“With its availability on this new platform, the sandbox MMOPRG will now also offer standard Steam features, including achievements – and as a thank-you to veteran players, all achievements developed for the Steam launch will also be available in the native Albion Online client.”

There’s a bonus expies event too. “To celebrate the release on Steam, the Berlin-based development studio Sandbox Interactive is also granting old and new players alike a week-long Fame boost,” says Sandbox Interactive. “From May 16-22, all players will get 25% more Fame for all activities in the world of Albion – gathering, crafting, killing mobs, and everything else.”

Source: Press release, official site
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Calling it a PvP sandbox is a bit misleading. There are different levels of PvP including a lot of completely PvE areas. A great many people avoid the PvP areas completely and play it as a PvE experience only.

Though it’s just a sandbox with very little story and / or quests. Lots of people are fine with those, and I mess around a bit on them, but I really am looking for story in my games.

It’s interesting enough but since it’s lacking in story I’m probably just going to dabble in it a bit before I quit. I was interested mainly because it was going to be cross platform across mobile devices. It’s just I get so bored in games without stories to play through :D


I feel like “sandbox” is a stretch cause there is really nothing to do in this game but gather, craft or fight..


That trailer is the cringiest thing I have seen in a while..