Secret World Legends patches out a pile of errors

It's so fun painting this here fence.
As patches go, bug-fixing ones aren’t terribly sexy. It’s fair to guess that most players of Secret World Legends don’t find the latest patch’s assorted bug fixes and improvements terribly exciting. Unless, of course, you had been stuck dealing with monsters that didn’t move in combat, or the water getting permanently electrified in the Polaris dungeon, or irritated by items not properly appearing in the “Whitewashing” quest in South Africa. In all of those case, you’re probably very happy to see a patch fixing all of that stuff.

Among some of the other major fixes are a fix to ensure mission chain progress remains in the Agent system when relogging and an improved UI for New England’s “Maine Chainsaw Massacre” mission. Check out the full notes for all of the fixes, which might not be a whole new story chain but do improve the game overall for everyone.

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Malcolm Swoboda

At least a few smaller issues I had were addressed with this, so good! Hope this month isn’t just bug fixing though.

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Tobasco da Gama

It’s hard to be mad about an MMO company actually fixing bugs, but I’m sure somebody out there will find a way. ;)


I recently had to deal with the invisible Silent Trickster so that’s one sexy patch to me.

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It’s cool I got my “Unstoppable” title and I can finally try to get the agents from mission chains.