Black Desert begins Mother’s Day event, revamps defense, guts the Arsha PvP server, and teases Lahn

If you want to be her lover &c.
Here’s an event that doesn’t get celebrated much in MMORPGs: Mother’s Day. Oh sure, the devs will send out Tweets, but we don’t often see actual in-game events. Black Desert, however, has an event for everything, and this week it’s kicking off the Thank You For All Your Love event, in which you’ll be helping Santo Manzi get a batch of flowers off to his mom, in exchange for experience and chocolate.

Today’s patch notes also come with a lengthy explanation about changes to the Arsha PvP server in light of the game’s ongoing balance changes (defense effects are being heavily revised today). “We have decided to change the PvP system in the Arsha server to be the same as those in the other servers,” Kakao says. “You will no longer be able to activate Down Guard by pressing Shift while your character is down in the Arsha server. Like in the other servers, debuff will now be applied continuously only up to 2 times.” The studio promises “special features suitable for a PvP excusive server at a later date.”

Finally, the Western servers are preparing for the arrival of Lahn, the new playable class landing on May 23rd, though you’ll be able to pre-create a Lahn of your very own starting next week on May 16th.

“Lahn is a master of martial arts who trained in a dynasty of the far east. Her story begins by becoming a priestess but falls to an evil scheme, which she tragically loses her lover in the battlefield. Grieved by her loss, she realizes that strength is the only way to achieve her ideals. Determined to return to her home one day and protect the ones she love, she embarks on a journey in search of greater power. The upcoming female class uses a new weapon type that is exclusive to her, a stretchable main-hand weapon called the Crescent Pendulum. This is a crescent-moon shaped blade on the end of a long piece of cloth. She throws and swings her weapon with immaculate grace and completes her deadly arsenal with the Noble Sword, a short blade that is her off-hand weapon. Lahn is a very speedy and agile class that utilizes dance-like combat moves. Her Nimbus Stride skill lets her gracefully glide through the air, displaying both elegance and power.”

Lahn will bring the game’s class total to 16.

Source: Patch notes, Lahn landing page, event blurb, press release
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Toy Clown

I have all chats in-game off, and I haven’t set foot on any forums since reading the patch notes. Its amazing how much more enjoyable the game is without rants from people who haven’t stepped into the real world yet.

Aaron Biegalski

Dude. ^^^^ This.

When I first started playing, I loved it. But forums and chat are so negative I had myself convinced that the game was total junk for a bit.

Tuning them out makes everything so much better.


People are so rage-y in chat right now. The same people that accuse PvE’ers of being care bears are the ones doing all the crying lol.

As a BDO PvE only player, I am noticing zero difference. if these changes get the gankers to bounce to Bless, more power to the devs that make this more and more for the sandboxers and life skillers.

Colin Goodwin

These have got to be the dumbest devs in the world. Rolling out insanely huge combat changes piece by piece, completely breaking PvP, and basically turning the live service into a beta testing environment while their balance department throws sh*t at a wall to see what sticks.


Tons of overreaction out there cause we’re in the middle of a StarWars Galaxy NGE level game shift currently in terms of how characters play. Right now we’re at Update 3/5 on class changes and today we just got our new defensive changes. Next week we get the CC changes and we can properly gauge how things are going.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

They don’t actually show any combat moves or in-game footage in that promo. Not very compelling.