Conan Exiles brings online more servers, changes rulesets on the fly


Suffice it to say, it’s been a massive first day for Conan Exiles. Funcom’s brutal sandbox title is riding high off of one million sales to date and over 28,612 concurrent players charging into the fray.

To meet the demand, Funcom has been turning on servers left and right, with nearly 1,500 shards coming online in various regions. The studio said that it wants to double the number of official servers by the end of today on all platforms. Shouldn’t have a hard time finding a place to call home, then!

The studio also forced many PvE players to switch over to a PvP format: “You’ve also made it clear that you want more PvP servers! By popular demand, more PvP servers are on the way. We are also switching all existing ‘PvE-Conflict’ servers to the regular PvP ruleset. This should help streamline the modes and make choosing a server much more simple. Don’t worry, we’re simply changing the mode on these servers — your existing characters and buildings won’t go anywhere.”

This change genuinely upset some players who had enjoyed the PvE-Conflict shards (this server type only allowed PvP for about three hours a day and protected property from being destroyed). “People want this concept,” said one player on Twitter. “It is a great hybrid. Do NOT change it.”

“People joined these servers to play this mode! And you just change it for no reason so we can get raided?” said another.

Source: Conan Exiles
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