Dauntless improves server performance and celebrates its crazy new islands


With the Seeking the Horizon update out and open beta coming in a couple weeks, the Dauntless dev team is moving quickly to evaluate testing feedback and make improvements. The good news is that it sounds like the co-op slayer is shoring up its server performance, streamlining its weaponmaster track, and keeping players from getting stuck on, er, tree stumps.

“A huge part of any beta is tuning up progression and balancing difficulty,” Phoenix Labs said. “We’re analyzing the data created from the hordes of Slayers who have been fighting toward the Maelstrom and will be making adjustments to Behemoths, quests, and other elements that impact progression.”

The studio also gushed about the patch’s new islands: “It’s awesome to see our crazy-talented level artists really be able to dig into something new and bake veritcality in to make something so great. And, from what we’ve seen, y’all agree.”

Source: Reddit
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