Exit light, enter Blade & Soul’s Eternal Night update

Today is May 9th. And that is a wonderful, marvelous day if you happen to be a Blade & Soul fan, because it’s the day when NCsoft is dropping its Eternal Night update for players to enjoy.

“The Blade and Soul Eternal Night update brings with it part one of your journey into the new Nightfall Sanctuary raid as you try to stop Chol Mugo from obtaining the Celestial Emperor’s ungodly power for himself. You’ll also descend into a new heroic six-player Dungeon deep in the sands of the Zasteri Badlands, obtain a new Legendary Soul Shield, and a whole lot more!”

In addition to the new group challenges, Blade & Soul is running raid events from now through June 20th. By going through certain quests and daily tasks, players can earn Pristine Astral Oil event tokens to help with your gear upgrades. The MMO also rebalanced its upgrade costs, added an option for simplified combat controls, and improved the level 50 character creation experience.

Source: Patch notes
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I thought this was a Wuxia game, not a Transformers game… disgusting.

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A+ for the “Enter Sandman” reference!


Exit light! Enter night! Off to never never land!

If I could I would smash a guitar right now.

So the Eternal Light update is here, and it is delivering quite a bit as we have mentioned previously.

So far so good. It will be a while before I see the new raid. According to reliable sources, it took Korea a month to clear the first boss, so… time to eat some Wheaties.

And man, NCsoft sure as hell did make some significant skills updates. I’m rolling a Soul Fighter. Going to have to nuke a lowbie to do it, but it is worth it.

My fire gunner got a bit of a buff which brings a big grin to my face despite the QQ that gunners are OP again. And she got a new outfit right out of the gate!

So Enter NIGHT! Off to BnS land!

Indigo Salma

Was that rhyme in the title intentional. Honestly i read it like a magic spell.

“Exit light, enter Blade
Soul’s Eternal Night update”


I think it was a reference to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’.


Heh. I do believe you are right.