Fortnite’s crossover Thanos now wields the Nerf Gem

Probably a better game for this than... you know, no, we'll let that lie.

We don’t want to spoiler the newest Avengers film for people looking forward to seeing it, but we’re pretty sure that its main villain Thanos is kind of a big deal. Clearly, what the Avengers need to be doing is recruiting the Fortnite development team, as they have already substantially weakened Thanos after he was active on the servers for a very brief period of time. He now wields the Nerf Gem, which gives him less power over everything!

Because he’s been nerfed, you see. The gems each have a power domain of something, like Care Bears.

While Thanos now has more health, he’s got less regenerating shielding and less damage per Infinity Gauntlet beam. Players are upset that he’s becoming easier to kill when most players who wind up using him barely know how to avoid being killed as it is; you probably wouldn’t base an entire movie on a guy who gets chumped four seconds into picking up the Gauntlet somewhere. (So, you know, that’s another spoiler, probably.)

Source: Reddit via VG24/7
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There’s such a thing as being too topical. Fortnite passed that up about 100 miles ago.


Awe… man! It was totally unnecessary.

Yeah, he was OP, but as Sorenthaz points out there were a few drawbacks that balanced it out. The biggest IMO is early on you are marked and attacked by all sides. Sure if you are down to two or three Thanos was an advantage. But if you had weathered the storm, or smart enough to know when to try and take the gauntlet it was a fair situation.

Nerfing him will make it pointless to become Thanos. Might as well just play normally. And where is the fun in having Thanos around in that?


Lmao, they hotfix nerfed him not even like 12 hours after he went live. That’s pretty sad. Playing him is super clunky and you’re a massive punching bag as-is, so nerfing his beam damage (which is abysmal vs buildings so… y’know, just throw up a wall to defend yourself and you’re good) is silly and then lowering his shields seems like a dumb move.

The point of the Thanos mode is you’re not supposed to be able to 1v1 him. It requires multiple people to take him out, and due to the nature of the game mode that means that when there are only a few players left whoever gets Thanos next is basically guaranteed to win if they’re halfway decent. It’s a Mario Party-esque mode to begin with and people kill each other more than Thanos kills them. Making Thanos feel even more annoying to play as doesn’t really do anything but make it feel less enjoyable for everyone involved.