Gloria Victis is dirt cheap thanks to the Humble Bundle now – here’s the new trailer


Cutthroat PvP MMORPG Gloria Victis is currently featured as part of Humble Bundle’s War Gamez bundle, so you can snag it and a bunch of other war… gamez… for next to nothing right now. “It’s a perfect opportunity for everyone to join the conflict in the vast medieval open world, master their own skills in the non-target combat and loot the players defeated in epic PVP battles over towns and castles,” Black Eye Games says.

In recent weeks, the early access game has seen several updates, including the addition of first-person view, controller functionality, a rescaled PvP contribution ranking system, and a revamp of passive abilities. Moreover, the Sangmar Empire has been refreshed.

“Azebs, nomadic people inhabiting vast deserts, have united with Sangmarians and countless other tribes under the banner of the Sangmar Empire. The updated faction, one of 3 available, has been designed after the Byzantine Empire, with visible Roman inspirations. It comes with a brand new breathtaking capital city of Baalhammon, new questlines and unique equipment models.”

The new trailer is below.

Source: Press release, Humble Bundle

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Game seems flat. It doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t seem to have much of a draw to it.

Nick // Genghis

So what’s the real census on this game? I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while and I never bit the bullet and got into it, but am very interested and it looks considerably more polished than the last time I checked in with it. How is it overall? Does it have small/medium sized group content worth doing? Or is it primarily a guild focused game where larger groups are favored?

Riccardo Tavano

I’m interested too. Seen a lot of people talk about bug, connection issues etc ruining the experience. Would like to know how bad it is.