H1Z1 ditches inventory management for Playstation 4, Just Survive is ‘working on a plan to go forward’


Internal crisis or no, Daybreak is moving forward with plans to bring H1Z1 to the PlayStation 4. When it arrives, however, this version will be noticeably different than the PC edition in one significant area: There will be no inventory management to handle.

“[With] inventory management we were just like, it just doesn’t feel good to muck your way through this on a controller [where] you’re clicking 100 times to do something,” said Lead Systems and Combat Designer Tony Morton to US Gamer. “So it was like, how do we do the most we can with the least amount of clicks. There were some things like inventory and crafting and salvaging where we just needed to pull it, because it’s not adding anything to the game in terms of how it feels to go through all those steps on a controller.”

Meanwhile, the Just Survive community continues to wait for word on the future (if any) for the MMO. A little over a week ago, a Daybreak dev posted a short notice stating, “Daybreak had a layoff that affected many teams. Just Survive was hit pretty hard. I’m in meetings this week to find out our plans for the future. As I know things, I’ll post them here so that everyone knows what is going on.”

He followed that up with another short statement saying, “We’re working on a plan to go forward. We need to finish it, and get it approved by the executives. Until then, I can’t commit to anything. As soon as we know, we’ll let you all know what variety of changes to expect.”

Source: US Gamer, Reddit
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It’s now been two weeks since the layoffs, and still no “plan” to speak of for Just Survive.

MMODerelict, the guy who made the post about working on a plan, has abruptly left JS Discord as of yesterday, without warning or reason. Just became an ordinary name with no privileges, and no one can search his name to see his posts. He posted a comment or two in the morning, then supposedly went in to a meeting… and then, poof. Another layoff? Nobody knows.

Another dev, Pip, gave his word to keep everyone informed, but has gone silent for over ten days as well. I think he’s currently at an e-sports event, but is still listed as Daybreak staff on Discord.

Mr Poolaty

I truly feel sorry for any gd idiot that’s working at this place or for them and not applying everywhere!

This company has truly been such a fuck up since its inception I would hate to have to put it down add a work reference!!


In regards to Just Survive: You don’t lay off a majority of a game’s team with plans to keep the game going. It shows Daybreak cares about its employees just as much as it does its games or players (especially the story from that one guy saying he didn’t know he was laid off until his keycard didn’t work at the front door).

It’s sad that the current lead developer doesn’t even hear back from the higher-ups for almost two weeks now is just pure shit. Whatever plan or reason for delay, it certainly does not have the game or players’ interests in mind.

Best optimistic outlook is Daybreak will “Landmark” the game, shutting it down next year for taxes. The credit cards with legs supporting the game until then will get nothing.