Project Genom’s massive new patch adds new territory, proper character customization, a UI revamp, and new quests


Project Genom has been heavily updated this week, and according to developer NeuronHaze, that’s all thanks to the players who’ve supported the title since 2016. Updates to the map are among the key improvements.

“The previous version of the game’s world which had an area of 10 square kilometers, increased to 100 square kilometers and was completely redesigned: hundreds of plant species, complex materials, unique biomes, ruined Gunar cities, bases and outposts, human settlements, the changing of the time of day and many small pleasant trifles,” NeuronHaze writes. “The world has yet to be livened up and improved, but filling the beautiful world with life is much more pleasant than a small and stunted one.”

Players should also expect new character models, improved character anatomy, redesigned armor, unique animations for male and female characters, basic character customization (including facial hair, scars, and tats), a huge AI upgrade for mobs, new NPCs, an “adequate dialogue system,” a do-over for the UI and HUD and 3-D map, new quests, and a revised main storyline. I told you it was a biggun!

Going forward, the devs will focus on further quest expansion, dailies, resource collecting, crafting, group and guild mechanics, sniper rifles and shotguns, passive and active skills, close combat, cover mechanics, mounts, pets, property… the list is immense. The game is currently 50% off on Steam, just note that it is still considered an alpha.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Kinya and Chris!
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