Chronicles of Elyria seeks fans with medieval subject expertise


WANTED: A medieval chemist, farmer, cartographer, and martial artist to provide input for an upcoming MMORPG. Expertise and unusual knowledge in obscure subjects required. Apply at Soulbound Studios if interested.

Apparently attempting to do a Google search one better, the team behind Chronicles of Elyria is reaching out to its fan base to see if any of them could be called upon to expound upon specific medieval topics including world religions, crafting, day-to-day tilling, and (why not) meteorology. These people will form a new volunteer group that Soulbound is calling the Subject Matter Experts.

“As the design team iterates further and builds more and more systems that will ultimately end up in Chronicles of Elyria, we get to a point where we want to ensure as much realism as possible,” the studio said. “We have specific areas of expertise that we’re seeking input on.”

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Fluffy Magical Unicorn

People who develop expertise in these fields — actual expertise — tend to prefer being paid.

Dro Gul

Since they are years behind and recently scraped using SpatialOS and are making a home brewed replacement maybe they should be looking for mmo game development experts instead?


Smart move. But beware the scope beast.