Crowfall’s nights bring a bit of winter to the game


In Crowfall, the days are for partying, but the nights… are for being very afraid. Or at least wary of the many monsters that come out during the night cycle. The latest post on the official site shows off how the game’s day and night cycle will affect the game, starting chiefly with the fact that the often-seen “hunger” versions of monsters will emerge during the night cycle instead of simply in the later seasons of a given campaign world. That may seem to remove some of the anxiety from the game, but since the seasons will move from long days and short nights to the inverse, later stages will still be crawling with corrupted monsters.

Night also means a chance for special node-blocking hunger shards to spawn, forcing players to treat harvesting differently as well. Of course, you can harvest those shards for specialized effects, but it’s going to make it harder to harvest more conventional items throughout the world. In short, there’s a much stronger shift between day and night; read all about it and get ready to be a little more scared of the dark.