Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.3 adds lots of special deliveries

You waterproofed the leather, right?
Do you like delivering stuff to places? Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.3 has you covered, then. For starters, we have our first custom delivery target who is not a cat; this time, it’s a lizard. Kurenai over in Sui-no-Sato will be asking players to contribute goods, as is implied by delivery missions, and players who earn her appreciation will have the chance to dress her up.

Not interested in playing lizard dress-up, possibly because you already play an Au Ra and thus play that game all the time? That’s all right; you can also handle a new form of delivery content by handing in items to aid in the Doman reconstruction effort. Players will also have new quests to continue the Four Lords storyline and can queue up for Lords of Verminion battles or chocobo races from anywhere in the world, which will be nice. But neither of those things are deliveries.