The Wild West Online MMO officially launches out of early access today – here’s the new trailer


It’s been quite a ride for Wild West Online, the survivalish MMO that came out of nowhere last spring to take on Red Dead Redemption 2. The game was originally planned to launch in the fall, but it hobbled to an early access launch well behind schedule instead, weathering drama around its relationship to The War Z’s studio, the slow rollout of female toons, and a complete do-over on its planned open PvP gankbox mechanics (the game is now a faction-based setting – cue the anguished howls of early backers).

But the game formally launches on Steam today boasting that faction-based territorial PvP, solo and group play, PvE questing, and homesteading, with a promise of an evolving world in the future.

“To create an even further gripping experience, the development team will continue building out the larger world and integrating new content to create the best experience for players. This includes having Wild West Onlineā€™s world age through the years. When players enter Wild West Online today they will start in the mid-1800s with a frontier dynamic and during the coming years the world will evolve as it moves into the late-1800s and eventually into the early 20th century.”

We’ll be streaming the game today at 3 p.m. EDT, so stay tuned on OPTV, and check out the new trailer down below.

Source: Press release

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