Closers recruits a card-flinging Harpy


This might just be the first time in MMO history that we’ve ever been able to say that there is a good Harpy that’s being added to a game. Believe your eyes, because this is happening to Closers.

Harpy is joining the game’s roster on May 22nd, bringing her unique style of card-flinging action to the field. Apparently she used to be a professional thief, but was caught and forced to use her acrobatics and poker dealing skills to save the world. Fun story: This is exactly the same way that I was brought on board Massively back in the day.

Closers is running a new and returning player event through June 26th, so why not log in and get some extra goodies while seeing how the game has improved?

Source: MMO Culture

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I’m imagining you in those stilettos Justin all I can say is FABULOUS! :D