Get a handle on Shroud of the Avatar with this incredible collection of guides


If you’ve found yourself struggling with Shroud of the Avatar’s unique take on online gaming, you are definitely not alone. It’s not the most intuitive title, although fans do insist that once you put in the time to understand, it becomes an engaging experience.

Maybe you need a little boost to help with that? There’s no shame in learning from the experience of others. Shroud of the Avatar player Elaina Strongbow put together an incredible collection of 69 short (two to three minutes apiece) guides to walk you through all of the systems and features of Lord British’s newest title. The topics cover the starter experience, understanding your character, engaging in combat, taking part in the crafting scene, and creating the swankiest of pads.

Maybe it’s time to give SotA another try? Check out these videos and see if they might help the game click for you!

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Some of that guy’s earlier videos helped me a lot during my brief (2-3 weeks) visit to the game.

SotA has a very unique overall feel to it, the music is great, and it has some interesting mechanics. OTOH, performance was a bit meh and some areas seemed like WIP.

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I think most MMOs need guides like these, nicely done.


SotA’s community is one of the best I’ve seen.


Yeah, during my 2-3 weeks in the game I once asked a question on the discord server and immediately had 2 people give detailed directions and one of them even coming over to where I was and showing me around. Very friendly!